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Creating Durable and Stylish Outdoor Living Areas in Cyprus with Plasterboard

outdoor plasterboards

Having an outdoor area of your home that can be cherished and have a seamless blend between the indoor and the outdoor, is extremely important especially is a warm island like Cyprus with its natural beauty creating beautiful aesthetics. Plasterboard is a material usually used indoors but its application can also be made in outdoor settings such as pergolas, garden walls and outdoor kitchens. In this blog post you can learn more information about creating durable and stylish outdoor living areas in Cyprus with plasterboard.

Durability in Coastal Conditions

The coastal climate can pose challenges, for example, high humidity and salt air. These can degrade the building materials overtime. Fortunately, many advancements have been made of plasterboard technologies such as water resistant and mold resistant properties for outdoor use. These plasterboards are designed to withstand these elements ensuring longevity and reducing the maintenance needs.

Stylish Pergolas

A unique feature of the Cypriot outdoor spaces are pergolas. Providing shade and structure for all the climbing plants to thrive and by using plasterboards for the roofs will offer a sleek and modern finish. Plasterboard is a material that can be very easily shaped. It allows creative designs to complement the spaces and match the natural environment.

outdoor plasterboards

Elegant Garden Walls

Garden walls are also an excellent choice for both functional and decorative purposes. By defining the outdoor spaces and providing privacy. They are very sturdy and customizable for any need and look. Plasterboards can be crafted into various shapes and styles. If your are looking for a smooth or contemporary or even textured finishes, plasterboard can do them all.

Functional Outdoor Kitchens

Creating outdoor kitchens are incredibly popular in Cyprus for enjoying outdoor dinners all year long. The fire-resistant properties can make it a safe choice for applying on areas around grills and stoves. Its adaptability also allows for seamless integration of appliances and storage solutions making a very fictional cooking outdoor space.

By incorporating plasterboards to you outdoor living areas, it’s a great to create beautiful and flexible outdoor spaces. Make sure that you get in contact with Cyprus Plasterboards and learn more information about our services.