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Plasterboard Constructions
for Every Space

At Cyprus Plasterboards we offer a range of services to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. Whether you need to transform your home, office or any kind of building, our team of experienced plasterboard experts in Cyprus has the skills to deliver top-quality results.


plasterboard in cyprus

We use plasterboard for:

  • False ceilings
  • Partitions
  • Fireplaces
plasterboard in cyprus
  • Extensions
  • Enclosures
  • Interior design solutions
  • Hidden lighting
  • Bathrooms
plasterboard in cyprus

Modern Plasterboard Constructions
in Cyprus

False Ceilings

Do you need to add spotlights or hidden lighting? Do you want additional sound insulation and energy efficiency or maybe just a modern decorative characteristic in your space? Our false or suspended ceilings service is the perfect plasterboard solution for creating a sleek, modern look. We create custom false ceilings in Cyprus that add depth and dimension to any room.

plasterboard in cyprus


Partitions using plasterboard are a cost-effective solution for creating separate spaces within a larger area. Using high-quality plasterboard in Cyprus and sound insulation materials, we can create the custom partition you want and separate your space to offer privacy and soundproofing. Drywall partitions in Cyprus are perfect for offices, conference rooms, and other commercial spaces as well as for open-plan living rooms that require separate areas for different purposes.

plasterboard in cyprus

Interior Design Solutions

Plasterboard in Cyprus is greatly used for the creation of interior design solutions. Whether this is a shelving unit, a staircase, a TV unit design, an accent wall, a library or any other decorative characteristic, our professionals have the skills and experience to make it happen. Plasterboard interior design solutions in Cyprus are cost-effective and can include hidden lighting.

plasterboard in cyprus

Extensions and Enclosures

Do you have a space in your house or outside that you never use? We use plasterboard in Cyprus to extend or enclose a space. Using high-quality plasterboard, we can create custom extensions and enclosures to create additional living rooms, bathrooms, offices, playrooms, covered patios and any kind of room. A plasterboard extension or enclosure in Cyprus can add value to your property and help you make use of all its space.

plasterboard in cyprus


We provide custom designs of plasterboard fireplace surrounds and mantels. The versatility and durability of plasterboard in Cyprus allow us to craft it to create fireplaces in Cyprus that match any style or décor. Choosing plasterboard for your fireplace offers many benefits since it is cheaper than many other materials, offers durability and fire resistance, is low-maintenance and easy to clean and can be installed quickly in comparison to other materials.

plasterboard in cyprus

Cyprus Plasterboards

With years of experience and continuous learning, our company offers exceptional plasterboard solutions to clients in Cyprus. We are committed to delivering top-quality plasterboard services in Cyprus and offer our clients the results that they wish for to achieve their vision for their space.